Bizhub 363 Driver Download

Bizhub 363 Driver - Combined with Konica Minolta's efficient and flexible software application, the bizhub 363 is the ideal tool for efficient document retrieval and distribution workflows, helping to save time and reduce costs. Bizhub 363 black and white communication center with 36 pages per minute. Standard Emperon™ print controller with support for PCL 6, PostScript 3, PDF 1.7 and XPS. Paper capacity of 500+500 sheets and manual bypass of 150 sheets. Media from A6 to A3 and 60 – 210 gsm. 2GB memory and Gigabit Ethernet.

They complement Konica Minolta's bizhub portfolio perfectly, the four bizhubs scanning up to 70 originals per minute in color and black and white. Full scan to email (home), FTP, SMB, Box (hard drive required), USB and TWAIN scan functions are standard; and with JPEG, TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, XPS and Compact XPS.

Bizhub 363 fast scan in color and black and white

The Bizhub 363 is the perfect input and output tool for any situation that requires productive color scanning with black and white printing or copying. As a highly efficient and versatile scanner for formats up to A3, the small A4 desktop scanner is becoming obsolete and eliminating the need for a separate scanning station.

And with full panel software integration, no separate hardware is required. Document archiving workflows, for example, can be started directly from the bizhub panel, with all necessary information such as document type and additional index fields entered during the scanning process, eliminating the need for further scanning processing on a computer.

Full Compatibility

Like other bizhub MFPs in the Konica Minolta portfolio, the bizhub 363 features Emperon™ controller technology, which ensures seamless integration into standard network setups, making it compatible with virtually any customer environment.

With standard PCL, PostScript 3, PDF and XPS support, Emperon™ offers maximum compatibility and is also CITRIX ready; WHQL certified Windows drivers. At the same time, bizhub 223/283/363/423 is certified by SAP, with Konica Minolta being a Gold Partner in the SAP Printer Vendor Program. Users benefit from simple and uncomplicated installation and guaranteed reliability and SAP customer support.

Easy-to-use operation

Thanks to its extremely low noise level and extremely quiet operation, the bizhub 363 is very comfortable to work side by side and ideal for installation in any location, including open offices. User-friendliness is enhanced by a number of special system functions such as animated help and user guides. The additional keyboard supports simple and clear operation.

Konica bizhub 363 driver download

The Bizhub 363 PCL printer driver is basically a set of small programs capable of connecting between your printer and your PC's operating system. If your printer uses the PCL protocol, you must install this driver to take full advantage of the capabilities of your device.

Although the PCL driver offers a large number of features, it is not recommended for use in high-quality printing because it does not reproduce colors accurately.

The Command Language or PCL Printer Driver is commonly used for home or office printers because it offers excellent compatibility (most printers use PCL), causes fewer printer errors, and reduces strain on your network connection.

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Bizhub 363 Driver Download for Windows 7
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Bizhub 363 Driver Download for Windows XP 
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Before installing this Bizhub 363 driver, please check the latest PCL version supported by your printer.